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50 Video Lessons

Get ready to become a master trader! This comprehensive course with over 50 no-nonsense lessons is packed with valuable content that will teach you how to identify winning trades, set goals, manage risks, control your emotions and develop a clear path to achieve steady trading returns.


15 Market Tested Trading Strategies

Level up your trading skills with new strategies designed by market veterans. Our battle tested strategies will help you identify the best times to enter breakout, trend and turn trades. Combine fundamentals with technicals, indicators with chart patterns and so much more!


Next Generation Trading Tools

With this course, you'll get access to 3 incredible custom-designed indicators. No more struggling to understand complicated trading rules. Our easy-to-read charts provide clear entry & exits, helping you identify profitable trades quickly. Plus, these awesome indicators can even send alerts to your phone.

Trading is the most rewarding business in the world.

But 95% of traders don't know how to win!

Most traders lose because they try to go from 0 to 100 on day one.

We will teach you how to make steady, consistent, repeatable wins and how to overcome the fear of losing and fear of missing out

  • EXPERTISE - Elevate your trading skills by learning from the best.

    💪 With more than 40 years combined trading experience, regular CNBC guests and Wall Street veterans Kathy & Boris are experts in their field.

    🏎️ Fast track your trading success by learning from market insiders who traded for JP Morgan and Drexel Burnham

  • WINNING STRATEGIES - Our battle-tested techniques are designed to help you take your trading skills to the next level. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity as you learn to navigate the markets with confidence.

  • BUILT-IN RISK MANAGEMENT - is the key to success in trading. Learn how to manage risk like a pro from risk-reward takeoffs to risk assessment and position sizing, you'll learn how to minimize potential losses while maximizing your gains.


    - Included! Custom designed for traders by traders:

    👊 Automatically add stops / limits to every trade.

    👊 Set equal weight positions regardless of the instrument

    👊 Dynamically react to market movements while in trade with automatically adjusted price targets that let winners run.

  • BEAT FOMO - Say goodbye to the fear of losing and the fear of missing out. You'll learn how to stay cool, calm and collected, take control of your emotions and make the right trading decisions.

  • CRANK OUT PROFITS & TURN UP THE FUN - Take your trading to the next level by submitting your charts and strategy ideas for direct feedback from Kathy and Boris. Its like having your personal squad of experts on call to offer advice and guidance.

Get Ready to Become a Chart-Reading, Pattern-Identifying, Trade-Finding Machine with our Proven Strategies!

Learn how to win with our expert guidance and support.

What is Included in your

8 Week Bootcamp?

  • Shortcuts from 40+ years of Experience - From Boris and Kathy, starting over what we would do differently.

  • 50+ videos tutorials - Whether you are a rookie or seasoned pro, our comprehensive course will help you take your trading game to the next level.

  • New Strategies & Custom Indicators - Are your technical indicators not cutting it? We'll show you how to turn indicators and patterns into trading strategies.

  • Live Classes & Ongoing Support

    - Private invitation to our live weekly market kickoff webinars and ongoing support by Boris and Kathy. Submit charts, get feedback and become a better trader.

From Novice to Trader in 8 Weeks


Dive into the lessons.

Discover the secrets to trading success.

Activate your trading indicators & tools.

Setup your accounts.

Attend weekly webinars.

Trade the setups, review your results.

The Joy of Wealth

Lessons for Lifetime of Financial Freedom

There is nothing like Bootcamp. Made by traders for traders.

  • Unique Trading Strategies

    - Unlock the secrets to highly accurate strategies that work for every market - from breakouts to trend and range!

  • Trading Lessons from A-Z - We've distilled our 40 years of trading experience into one course designed to guide you through the ins and outs of trading.

  • Genius Trading Tools

    - Level up your trading with our game changing tools and indicators. They simplify complicated trading rules into easy to read charts with clear buy/sell signals.

  • Ongoing Support

    - Keep on top of the markets with our private weekly market kickoff webinars. Submit charts, get feedback from Kathy and Boris to become a better trader.

What you'll learn

(Expand the lessons for details)

Lesson 1: Create Your Trading Plan & Set Your Goals

→ Welcome from your instructors

→ Boris' 30 Year Hacks

→ Goal Setting - The Most Important Step to Consistent Profits
→ Finding Your Own Winning Formula - The Right Strategy for You
→ Tell Us, Get Feedback! What do you struggle with the most?

Lesson 2: Don't Miss These Important Get Started Steps

→ How to Choose a Broker

→ How to Set Equal $ Values for Trading Regardless of Instrument
→ How to Setup Tradingview
→ Hidden Benefits of MyfxbookTrading Calendars
→ MetaTrader - Everything You Need to Know
→ Our Favorite News Resources
→ Download our Tradingview watchlists

Lesson 3: Become a Chart Reading Machine

→Crack the Code: Turn Indicators into Winning Strategies
→How to Use Moving Averages to Identify Trades
→Catch the Trends with Bollinger BandsBust the Moves with RSI (Relative Strength Index)
→Timing is Everything: Master the Stochastics Turn
→How to Properly Use Fibonacci in Every Day TradeThe Most Important Chart Patterns
→In Focus: Head and Shoulders
→In Focus: Triangles & Flags
→Support & Resistance Part 1 - Everything You NEED to Know
→Support & Resistance Part 2 - Make sure you watch Part 1&2
→Share your charts for feedback!
→Download Your Exclusive Trading Tools

Lesson 4: Strategies for All Traders (Breakout/Trend/Range)

→Pick a Trading Style - What's the Best for You
→Strategies for Trend TradersTrend
→Strategies on the Charts
→Strategies for Reversal Traders
→Reversal Strategies on the Charts
→Strategies for Breakout Traders
→Breakout Strategies on the Charts
→Get Feedback! Share your strategy ideas

Lesson 5: How to Analyze Fundamentals like a Pro

→Cracking the Fundamental Code: How Macro, Micro & Monetary Policy Move the Markets
→How to Use Bonds to Trade Forex
→How to Use Stocks to Trade ForexHow to Use Gold & Oil to Trade Forex
→How to Use Sentiment to Trade Forex
→Great Tips & Tricks for Trading USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
→Great Tips & Tricks for Trading AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF
→Get our Fundamental Cheatsheet
→Get our Risk Appetite Cheatsheet
→Download Kathy's Tradingview watchlist

Lesson 6: Mastering the Crucial Role of Time in Trading

→Secrets to Trading the Asia Session
→Best Tips for Trading European Session
→Our Favorite Ways to Trade NY Session
→5 Most Dangerous Times to Trade
→Trading News - Majors vs. Crosses
→Our #1 News Trading Strategy
→News - Best Events to Trade & Avoid

Lesson 7 - Manage Your Risks (Tips & Techniques)

→ Entries vs. Exits - What's More Important

→ Position Sizing, Leverage, Stop Loss - Everything You Need to Know

→ Stops - How to Set and Trail Them

→ How to use our Trading Tool to Automatically Manage Your Trades

→ Position Sizing Calculator

Lesson 8 - Trader Emotions: How to Control Impulsiveness and Overcome Failure

→ Secret to Control Your Emotions and Stay Focused
→ 5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Trading
→ How to Recover from Trading Loss

→ Good Trading Behaviors

🏆 Claim Your Bootcamp Completion Certificate

When you completed our bootcamp, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers and trading buddies!

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